Cyprus Car Hire

Conditions And Insurance for Cyprus Car Rentals

Please read the following thoroughly before you e-mail us.
All rates are in EURO and include:
Unlimited Mileage.
Fully Comprehensive Insurance.
Collision Damage Waver(CDW).
Passenger Insurance.
VAT. Local Tax.
Break Down Assist 24 hrs.
Minimum age for drivers is 25 y.o. (holding full driving licence for 3 years) .
National or International driving licence is accepted .
Rates include Fully Comprehensive Insurance (FCI) and Collision Damage Waver (CDW) with excess amount of:

Euro € 500.00 for groups A, B1, B2,
Euro € 600.00 for groups C1,
Euro € 700.00 for groups D, D1
Euro € 700.00 for groups E,E1,
Euro € 700.00 for groups F, F1, F2, F3
Euro € 800.00 for groups G1, G2, G3,
Euro € 900.00 for groups E2, K
Euro € 1200.00 for groups L, M
Age Group:
Drivers with age group less than 25 y.o and over 70 y.o. are not allowed Zero Excess Insurance. In These cases the excess amount will be twice the above mentioned amount for each car group.

Local Deposit / Pre-authorization:
Deposit/Pre-authorization from major credit card is required to cover the excess amount of the insurance policy. The amount for each vehicle is shown above.

Zero Excess Cover:
Zero Excess Cover is not included in rates. Without this cover, and in the event of an accident the renter is responsible for the excess (deductible) mentioned above. This Cover can be purchased at a small fee (Euro 7.00 per day) to minimize the excess on the insurance policy for:
Drivers holding licence issued in countries driving on the LEFT HAND side of the road, ie: UK, Australia, Japan, the excess is reduced to ZERO.
Drivers holding licence from countries driving on the RIGHT HAND side of the road, ie: Greece,Italy,Spain, the amount of 150 EUR-750 EUR, depending on the vehicle model, will remain on the insurance policy.

The insurance becomes INVALID if anyone whose name is not on the contract drives the vehicle, also if vehicles are loaded with more passengers than their stated capacity; or if drivers are found to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Insurance cover will also lapse in the event of gross negligence or if the vehicle is driven on an unsuitable road or on the wrong site of the road.

Any unnoticed accident or intentionally trying to damage the vehicle may be interpreted as negligence and the renter must accept responsibility for any costs may occur. Failure to follow these instructions may invalidate the insurance.
Insurance Exceptions (all insurances. Charges for any of the damages written below will be charged directly to the client if occur. Damaged tires, damage to the paint or body of the car (scratches or dents caused by the driver without the vehicle being involved in an accident) loss or damage to keys, damage to the interior of the car (cd player, seats, equipment), scratches from trees or bushes, underside damage, fuel errors, and loss of child or baby seats,loss or damage of Sat Nav. The client has direct responsibility in respect of such claims and for any cost may occur.
North Site.
The renter shall not take the car or allow the same to be taken outside the area controlled by the government of the Republic of Cyprus. Insurance does not cover driving in the North site. Driving in the North Site will be considered as breach of contract and penalty will apply.
Off Road:
All insurances exclude damage caused by driving on any loose surface roads or within the Akamas National Park. Any damage thus caused will be the client’s responsibility. Driving in the North Site will be considered as breach of contract and penalty will apply.
Lost Keys: will charge if key(s) are lost or badly damaged. Note if vehicle is stolen and keys are not returned to rental supplier, the insurance is deemed void. Please keep an eye on your key(s) as new cars can now not be stolen without them.Where we state key(s), we mean all types of key and key-cards.
TIRES - WINDSCREEN (ADW): (Optional Insurance that is not included in the rates).
Insurance or CDW does not cover Tires, Windscreen .
These are covered by Additional Damage Waiver (ADW) which can be purchased at Euro € 3.00 per day.
At Euro € 25.00 per rental.

On request at: Satellite Navigators available at € 35.00 per rental.

On request at : Euro € 20.00 per rental .
On request at : Euro € 15.00 per rental .

It is the parents responsibility to fit and make sure that is secure for their child's safety .
We deliver and collect vehicles free within town limits.
For rentals outside town limits there is a charge of Euro € 35.00
For delivery to Nicosia there is a charge of Euro € 35.00
CALL OUT : 24 hours emergency number .
Unreasonable call out : There is a charge of 75.00 Euro plus other expences , for call out that is not our vehicle's fault

We deliver your vehicle with full tank of petrol. The amount to pay is generally a full tank at standard pump prices and is to be paid on pick up of the car.
All traffic fines are responsibility of the hirer.
All rental charges are payable in advance. A valid Credit / Debit Card must be presented irrespective of payment method. We accept all major credit cards and debit cards.
Please be advised that we do not accept electron or solo cards.
Reservations are taken by Group (class) of car and not by model. However every effort will be made to supply the car make requested.
In order to enable us securing and confirming a booking, a small amount for deposit is required. The remaining balance can be paid upon delivery.
We will not charge you for the full rental amount at the time of confirmation . We ONLY charge you a deposit to ensure your vehicle is reserved . The balance is payable at the time of rental locally .

The deposit is partially refundable in the case of a cancellation depending on the time notice we receive . All cancellations must be made by e-mail . We must receive a cancellation notice a minimum of 8 days before vehicle collection . There will be a small administration fee which in some cases may be as much as the original rental deposit . No refund will be given for 'No shows', or voluntary down-grades of booked vehicles . For all cancelled reservations with a deposit of less then Euro € 20.00 there will be no refund .

For notice more than 28 days 25% of your deposit
For notice between 8 & 28 days 50% of your deposit
For notice 7 days or less 100% of your deposit

BREACH OF CONTRACT: Breach of Contract penalty would be minimum 500.00 Euro.
Rates,Termes & Conditions: These are subject to change without any notice.

Pickup location and time
Return location and time
Select age

There are no hidden costs.
Collision Damage
Waiver (CDW)
Liability Insurance
Passenger Insurance
Theft Proctection(TP)
VAT Local Tax
Unlimited Mileage
Break Down Assist